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Urban Gardening: time to prepare for summer

Temperature is rising in Delhi. It is time to spend more time indoors. With the air getting drier and dust everywhere, what's the best way to take care of ourselves?

You must be wondering what's taking care of ourselves got to do with "Urban Gardening". To me our surrounding is part of us and our interdependence determines our health. If our surrounding is conducive to living then we are healthy physiologically and emotionally, that in turn contributes to better environment. And better environment makes a better us. It's a sustainable cycle.

Our personal green space is reducing day be day as the houses are going for redevelopment and the newer generation is moving to flats with balconies or rooftop terraces. All of that are hard concrete space. All these lends to rise in temperature in cities. Come summer I know most of us Delhi-ite gardeners would be stressing about covering the rooftop garden, our balconies etc. And let's face it, it is hard to garden in Delhi with it's extreme temperatures coupled with the water shortage that Delhi faced from time immemorial. Thankfully and hopefully that's behind us. Now, one less basic reason for not gardening is done and dusted with.

Delhi-ites like the rest of the world has taken to gardening. We have to take cognisance that the extreme weather of Delhi makes it hard for gardening as it is and on top of that the urban structure that we are living in makes it even more difficult. In past two years of living with fear of covid has also forced us to slow down and introspect and pay attention to greens around us. And that led a lot more people to gardening or at least bringing in plants.

So what do we do in summer so that both us and our green friends can enjoy the summer. It is very simple, not the complete solution but a solution for a little more comfort.

My tips:

  • Bring all the shade loving plants indoor: simple reason is that you have better control of indoor temperature than outdoor.

  • Bunch them in corners, table tops in large trays: this helps plants to exchange humidity among themselves.

  • Plug in a humidifier: this can add the additional required humidity for our comfort as well. (The ideal humidity level for human health and comfort is between 30-50% according to the Mayo Clinic.)

  • If not a humidifier at least mist the plants: this will add to the humidity in air and also keep the leaves clean.


  • Will keep your plants cool and happy: the wet soil lends to cooler surrounding air. Also the air-conditioning and fan helps.

  • Purify your home air: lot of plants are known for their air purifying abilities. The larger the the leaves the more effective they are.

  • Make your home a cool & comfortable: the wet soil and the watering lends to cooler atmosphere.

  • Lower electricity bill!

  • Normal humidity also reduces flying dust.

I hope you found this useful. Please do write in with questions or if tips that you would like to share. Look forward to hearing from you.

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