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Services Offered

The services provided at Planterie aim to help customers make the most out of their spaces. Every location is different, and there are so many factors that affect how a garden grows. Have a look at all our services available and get in touch with any questions.

Three Plants


Our clients kept asking us for tips and advice, so we decided to offer them this service as a comprehensive solution to their needs. Our professional team works with you to create something tailored for your site and style.

Herb Plants

Bring your pots

You can bring your pots or any ceramic or container, we will pot it with a plant of your choice from our collection. The service includes making the necessary holes & adding garden soil to create the perfect plant decoration for your.

Mirror and Indoor Plants


Indoor landscaping. Similar to the great outdoors, indoor environments have plains, angles and horizons that can be altered or enhanced to become a true work of art.
This service includes an initial consultation and planning session, complete with professional suggestions and design schematics. We work together with each of our clients to guarantee satisfaction.

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