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Basic: Is from the family Araliaceae. The plants are shrubs or trees with woody stem. Few species can be grown as houseplants.

Common name: Umbrella tree


  1. It is a natural air freshener and detoxifier by absorbing toxins from the air.

2. Increases oxygen level in air.

Difficulty: Low maintenance plant

Light: Medium light, indirect sun light.

Temperature: 18 - 24 degree Celsius.

Watering: They do not like too wet or too dry soil. Water when the soil feels dry to touch.

Soil: Porous, well drained, sandy mixture  with gravel for extra drainage.

Propagation: Through leaf or stem cutting. Cuttings should be 4-6 inches, cut some time from the late spring to the early summer, right below a knot. Plant the cutting ⅓ to ½ of its length into the soil and keep it in indirect light.

Care: Keep the leaves clean. This will avoid any pests attacking the plant. If infected, spray neem oil and keep in shaded place with indirect sunlight for a week. Then clean the plant by spraying water or wiping them. 

Additional Information: It is native to Taiwan & South China. It can grow between 1-6 feet in height in pots.

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