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My favourite flowering trees

This blog was long overdue and was finally inspired by a client's request for recommendation for trees. If I were to plant any tree it has to be either fruit bearing or flowering tree. If I were to plant a flowering tree in Delhi this would be my top list. It's carefully selected based on the colours, shape, fragrance and uniqueness. I have also taken into consideration that the trees should have either flowers or leaves or both throughout the year.

I have used references from the amazing book by Pradip Krishen - Trees of Delhi. The book gives just the right amount of information to get one started on researching on the trees. It's not intimidating and helps to choose the right tree for you, or your general curiosity on any tree. (To pick up your copy you can click on the link to shop at our online store.) I also used the beloved wikipedia and other online blogs for my research.

Java Cassia, Cassia Javanica: One of my favourite flowering trees. It has a large canopy and leaves similar to Gulmohar but double the size. When it flowers it covers the top of the leaves and creates a beautiful pink layer on top of the shiny delicate green leaves. It is a majestic sight.

Leaves thin out in January and renews in late April or may. Flowering season: May, June, July. Grows to more than 12 metres height & width. It’s quick growing, recommended for shade, attracts bees. Grows best in humid and warm regions.

Sausage tree, Kigali Africana: This exotic tree is from tropical Africa with short trunk and spreading crown. It grows large waxy, liver coloured flowers that hang from the canopy. The flowers grow into sausage like inedible fruits that hang, hence the name.

Its green most of the year. Thins out in January - february, new leaves in March - April. Flowers April - August. Fruit form in the rain and stays very long time on the tree.

Kadamb tree, Neolamarckia cadamba: Third but not the least, this one has flowers that are in unique furry ball shape and is fragrant. The leaves are dense and glossy. The tree grows up to 45m in height.

Leaves start to drop in March, renews between April and June. Flowers for a short period in the rains, mostly August - September.

I would love to know whats your favourite tree. Do write in with comments or queries.

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