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Rupa Samaria

Rupa Samaria found the two loves of her life at a very young age- art and birds. As a schoolgirl, on trips to Mussoorie she'd run after birds when others would look for tigers, hoping to get a glimpse of the small colourful creatures she loved so much. Over the years, her passion for birds only grew, not only as an artist or bird watcher, but also as a conservationist with a drive to protect endangered bird species.

Samaria's art ranges across a variety of mediums. She uses water colours, acrylic and charcoal for her paintings, and also dabbles in mixed media work and photography. Whatever the means, the end is the same, "my attempt is to capture the brilliant colours of all things avian, across the Indian subcontinent." Rupa's art process comprises a lot of initial research. She spends days reading up on the specific bird she wishes to paint, its habitat and lifestyle. It is only when she's confident that she truly understands her avian subject, that she starts her work.

Throughout her journey as an artist and conservationist, Samaria has used her art and platform to raise awareness about endangered bird species. With the shrinking natural landscape, some thousands of species may be lost to us forever. However, what has pleasantly surprised her, and serves as her biggest driving force, is the support shown by the youth in her mission to protect birds.


  • "A BIRD CALL" at the Visual Arts Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, 2022.



  • "WINGS OF WONDER" at WWF India, 2022.

  • "MERAKI" at Visual Arts Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, 2022.

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