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The 100% Pure & Natural Neem Oil is available in 100 and 500ml sizes. This remarkable neem oil does double duty as both a pesticide and fungicide in your vegetable garden. It's not just powerful; it's safe too. You can confidently use it on food crops without leaving harmful residues in the soil. Say farewell to troublesome pests as it effectively reduces or eliminates them. Ideal for agricultural sprayers, farming, and gardening. For ease of use, mix 10 ml of neem oil with 1 liter of water, creating an emulsion for application. Spray the underside of leaves in the morning or evening to minimize sunburn effects. Always perform a patch test before widespread use. Embrace the natural solution with Water Soluble Neem Oil. Your garden will thank you!

When spread at the early stage plants can be protected better. In severe pest infestation, spray on the affected area for few consecutive days till the pests are cleaned out. 

Water Soluble Pure & Natural Neem Oil

PriceFrom ₹170.00
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