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Elevate the beauty of your roses with our 100% Organic Rose Feed. Packed with beneficial soil microbes, it enhances fertility and nurtures a thriving rose garden. This bioagent-infused formula boosts plant immunity, ensuring healthy, vibrant roses with robust root growth.
Indoor or outdoor, our rose feed provides balanced nutrition for all varieties, promoting lush, beautiful blooms. Natural elements within bolster plant growth and flowering. Plus, it improves soil texture, creating the perfect environment for your roses to flourish.
Application is a breeze: simply add 25-50gm to your rose pot, mix well in the top 1-2 inches of soil, and cover with soil before irrigating immediately. Repeat weekly, generously � there are no adverse effects from overdosing. Embrace the organic difference with our Rose Feed today!

Rose Feed | Organic Plant Fertilizers

  • 500gm
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