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Experience gardening success with our Organic Vermicompost! This highly effective organic vermicompost is your garden's secret weapon, suitable for all horticulture and agriculture plants. Enriched with beneficial microbes, it not only nourishes but also safeguards your plants. Containing organic NPK and essential micro-nutrients in their natural forms, it's perfect for plants at all stages of growth. Vermicompost offers a multitude of benefits, including soil nutrient enrichment, improved structure, enhanced aeration, and increased water retention. Promoting overall plant health and growth, it's a must-have for indoor, outdoor, ornamental, kitchen garden, and lawn plants. Application is a breeze: simply follow the recommended dosages and application directions for optimal results. Elevate your gardening game with our Organic Vermicompost and watch your plants flourish!

Vermicompost | Organic Fertilizer

  • 2kg
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