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Enriched with beneficial microbes like Azospirillum, Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria, Pseudomonas Species, and Trichoderma, it's a powerhouse of plant nourishment. Packed with natural ingredients such as Cow dung, Neem Cake, Cotton Seed Meal, Karanj Cake, Vermi Compost, and Compost, it ensures your plants receive the right nourishment. Plus, it contains natural compost, fibrous materials, and mineral substances for optimal moisture retention. With a neutral pH, it suits a wide range of plants from ornamentals to herbs, vegetables, flowers, and fruit plants. Enjoy odorless, hassle-free gardening with our ready-to-use potting soil. Its anti-fungal properties, moisture retention, and lightweight nature make it ideal for healthy indoor plant growth. Experience the joy of working with clean, stain-free soil that's completely organic and chemical-free. Cultivate safe, healthy, and tasty vegetables and fruits with Planterie Organic Potting Soil.


For indoor, it can be used directly.

For outdoor plants, mix equal amount of garden soil for best result.


Potting Soil | Organic Nutrient Rich

  • 2kg
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