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A closed terrarium is a self-sustaining ecosystem encapsulated within a glass container. It typically consists of various plants, soil, and sometimes decorative elements like rocks or figurines. The container is sealed to create a humid environment where water cycles through condensation and evaporation, promoting plant growth and creating a balanced ecosystem. Closed terrariums require minimal maintenance due to their self-contained nature, making them popular for indoor gardening and decorative purposes.


Our terrariums are custom made, therefore, each piece would be different. We can customise your terraium as per your theme or story. 

Email or whatsapp us.

Glass Bowl Terrarium

  • It needs to be kept in bright indirect light. (No direct sunlight)

    Keep the cover closed at all times.

    If the soil looks light brown or the leaves look wilted, mist generously with RO water, clean the glass and put the cover back.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to emil or WhatsApp with your terrrarium picture.

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