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to a greener home

At Planterie, we’re passionate about making it as easy as possible for anyone to beautify their urban home. We have a large selection of greenery and decorative items for indoor, balconies & terraces and aim to make the world a greener place to live, one plant at a time. And while you wait to make up your mind, enjoy a cup of wild tea with us.


Planterie is home to my passion for Plants, Art and Tea. It is a one stop place to create a greener and healthier urban living space. It is a garden centre plus tea room. We believe every single element that you add to your home is an art piece in itself and it lends to create beautiful canvas - that is your home.

Our tea room is nestled among the plants that are curated for you. We serve Beyondarie wild teas that are sourced from the forests of North East India and coffee by Blue Tokai among other beverages. You can visit us to pick up your garden needs and also enjoy our exotic range of tea.

Our team is more than happy to help with plant selection and general advice. We’re here to help your plants thrive. 

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