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These are limited edition Terracotta Planters. Each planter are individually made on potters wheel and engraved by hand to give unique tuch to each piece. They are made in Rajasthan, India.  They are fired at high temeperature enhancing both aesthetics and durability. These planters add a touch of rustic charm to your indoor or outdoor space.

Terracotta planters make the best planting option for plant health and growth due to its moisture permeability characteristic. 

Shape Pots | Terracotta

  • These versatile medium to large size planters are ideal for shelves, table tops, credenza, centre table, side tables, floor etc. You can pot any medium to large size plant with any root system plants. 

  • It has drainage hole. Please water the plants under a sink or place a waterproof tray under to avoid watermarks on your furniture or floor.

    Because of its moisture permeability characteristic, they would release moisture faster than ceramic pots, therefore, would require more frequent watering as compared to ceramic planters.

    They also have the tendency to leave white marks on the surface if tap water is used. But rest assured that its not damaging to the plants or the pots.

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