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This powerhouse solution significantly enhances bloom set, flower and fruit size, while also bolstering plant resistance, seed germination, and drought and frost tolerance. Say goodbye to plant aging, as this formula extends production, leading to greater nutritional value and extended shelf life for your fruits and vegetables. Versatile in use, it can be applied through aerial spray for improved vegetative growth and flower/fruit quality, or as a soil drench to enhance soil structure and root zone aeration. Ideal for all crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, lawns, and container gardening.

Application is simple: just mix 7ml of liquid seaweed concentrate with 1 liter of water, thoroughly blend, and generously spray over your plants until the liquid drips off the surface. 

Caution: The liquid is seaweed concentrate, even after dillution spraying will tend to stain surface. The same result can be achieved through drenching soil instead of spray.

Dosage: Fertilise plant weekly during growth/flowering/ fruiting season for best result. 

Seaweed Water Soluble | Organic Fertilizers for Plants

PriceFrom ₹170.00
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