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Hand painted mould cast ceramic pots are made in Khurja, India. These ceramic planters are fired at high temperature making them sturdy and durable. The manufacturing process ensures color fastness.

They are available in pastel shades with single tone of matt finish. The pastel colors blend in perfectly in any garden or interior design style - Just pick a color of your choice.

Lamp Holding Pot | Ceramic

  • 12x15cm

  • These medium size planters are ideal for shelves, table tops, credenza, centre table, side tables etc. You can pot any medium size plant with fibrous root system and small tap root plants.

    Slow growing vines like Chocolate Philodendron, Monstera Adansonii, or Pothos Njoy makes a perfect plant partner for these pots.

    The matching draintray is perfect for watering and makes care easy and looks fantastic on the shelves.

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