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Why indoor plants?

What are indoor plants? Are they specifically made for indoors? Do they thrive only indoors? These are few of the questions that I face on daily basis. And they are all legit questions. Plants are part of nature and slowly humans are taking over and reducing space for them in nature. The newer generation humans may pass their whole life without touching soil or planting as schools go towards online.

So all questions are legit. My earliest and most fond memories are of growing up in a farm. And I am not talking about - taking the kids out to visit farm. This was my grandma's working farm. Her livelihood. So I grew up in nature. The only concrete that I saw was the small building in which we lived - our house. But then we moved to city and I grew up in metro cities all of 35 something years. So I know how our green space have shrunk over the years. I yearned for the green and finally came to the realisation why not. Why not have nature inside if I can't have it around me.

I have done gardening in different cities and different spaces, mostly outdoor. Past few years as the pollution level in Delhi increased, on worst days I have not been able to step up to my terrace even to enjoy my little jungle. As I was forced to stay indoors, I started bringing in plants - on the coffee table, then the side table, then sideboards, then corners, then bedside, on the chest of drawers, next to my favourite sitting space in the bedroom, on the window sill, on the wall next to my bed, in my bathroom, in the kitchen, on the stairs. A single plant was looking lonely, so I added few together creating a bunch. Next the plant sizes grew. I found the corner next to my book shelf empty, so I added a tall plant, then two then three. And the plants grew taller - 3 feet, 5 feet and then I drew the line at 7 feet (it got difficult to clean the leaves). So now I have hundreds of plants in my 1200 sft flat in the middle of Delhi. I love it that I have to duck a little bit as I walk to the sofa. I love it as I brush past the leaves of the schefflera. I love it when the large leaves of the umbrella tree stares back at me as I watch tv. I love it when the sweet potato leaves hang over my head while I read my book in my corner. As I kept adding them and taking care of them, I researched and studied about plants that can thrive in artificial spaces and how to make them feel at home.

I always loved being outdoor and not being able to do that was not the most pleasant thing. Human beings are resilient and always finds solution to thrive. And I know we would find ways to get back the nature around us, even though it would take a very long time (I am an optimist). Till then why not make the best of what we have. So I bring plants in my bedroom, in my drawing room and figure out a way to thrive together. At the beginning, I was scared of bringing them indoor and had similar questions that is asked of me now. So here I am now sharing my knowledge and passion with fellow metro residents in bringing the green into their lives.

Do write in with any questions and I would be happy to help to the best of my ability.

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