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Rupa Samaria

Her art in vivid colours draws from the album of birds and attempts to fire up the imagination by depicting the various moods and poses of these beautiful creatures.

She works on diverse mediums including sculptures and interactive art. Through attention to line, form, hues and composition, she strives to bring to life on canvas and other mediums the beautiful birds of the Indian subcontinent and the world.

She works on her paintings after detailed and careful research. Her paintings tell a story and offer an educational value on the subject. Her artwork is conceptual. She hopes to create interest and awareness in society to protect the precious bird species.

Born and brought up in Patna, and now settled in Delhi, Rupa is an artist, teacher and conservationist.

Her penchant for birds and wildlife conservation has always had an influence on her art. She is usually found in her studio in New Delhi, trying to capture both the magnificence, and the fragility of birds. Birds have always fascinated her for their uniqueness and their striking plumage.

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