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Akshita Jain

Based in Delhi, Akshita primarily works with acrylics and texture on canvases and wall murals. Her creative inspiration stems from the natural world, resulting in artwork that radiates a peaceful and light-hearted way of living. The canvases she creates with texture art exude a minimalistic vibe and come to life under the interplay of sunlight or spotlight, casting captivating shadows that enhance their beauty.

Beyond her passion for art, Akshita is driven by a desire to make a positive impact. Her art journey gained momentum during the pandemic when she embarked on a mission to contribute to charitable activities. She dedicated a portion of the proceeds from her art sales on Instagram to various causes, such as supporting animal shelters, promoting girl child education, distributing blankets, and providing Christmas gifts to an orphanage. These endeavours were met with overwhelming response and heartfelt feedback, fueling her motivation to further explore and evolve in her artistic journey.

Aside from her artistic pursuits, Akshita finds solace and inspiration in music. She believes in embracing life with a "carpe diem" attitude, cherishing every moment and accumulating unforgettable experiences.

Through her talent, she invites viewers to delve deeper into their own perception of reality and find beauty in the simplicity of life. We are excited to introduce her into our world and collaborate with her in her journey. Do pop by at Planterie to have a peek into Akshita’s world, and paint a mural with her Live at Planterie!

Akshita is a self-taught artist whose paintings are a reflection of her happy demeanour. Her artwork captivates viewers through its play with texture and light, particularly in monochrome. 

 Akshita believes that this technique embodies the essence of every human being – there is always more to discover beneath the surface, and our perception of others is coloured by our own experiences and perspectives.

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