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Veenita Dar

Her love for gardens manifests itself in her paintings which consist primarily of flowers that she has grown in her own garden, or those that she has come across during her travels. Through her paintings she translates the innocent and nostalgic  charm of nature in a whimsical style that is hard to find elsewhere today.

Her interest in nature has always been present, but she feels that she has found a peace and calm in painting that she couldn’t have found elsewhere. Dar’s art has evolved over the years, to include landscapes. One thing, however, has remained constant throughout, all her work has a certain quiet luminescence reminiscent of the serenity we all seek around us.

Veenita Dar is a watercolour artist and an avid gardener. She quit full-time professional work as a microbiologist to pursue painting. Growing up with a mother who was gifted in all arts encouraged Dar to use the medium to express her own love and passion for nature.

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