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Pooja Gupta

What sets Pooja's work apart is a dedication to the art of colour and form. She believes that the colours we choose and the shapes we create are the very soul of a mosaic. Each piece she creates is a symphony of hues and contours, carefully selected and cut to breathe life into the motif at hand. Her colour combinations are a signature element of my work. Her work draws inspiration from nature, abundance of vivid colours and the patterns around her which helps her blend each piece into something unique. 

Shapes, too, play a pivotal role in Pooja's mosaics. She approaches each project as a unique canvas, selecting shapes that resonate with the subject matter. Whether it's geometric precision, organic curves, or intricate tessellations, the shapes she cuts transform the mosaic.

But her commitment to excellence doesn't end there. She places great emphasis on the finishing touches. Each tile is meticulously placed, each grout line immaculately clean. It's in these final details that Pooja brings her mosaics to life, ensuring they meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. 

Beyond creating art, Pooja is also passionate about sharing my knowledge. She has had the privilege of conducting workshops, where she guides budding mosaic artists on their own creative journeys. It's a joy to see others discover the magic of mosaic art and witness their unique interpretations take shape. As a mosaic teacher, she strives to impart mosaics as a therapeutic art & I have always aimed to celebrate the beauty of imperfection, awaken the sense of creative self and ignite a connection between art and the artist. 

You can explore Pooja's mosaic world and follow her creative adventures on Instagram @fireflymosaics. She invites you to immerse yourself in the luminous universe of my mosaics, where colours dance, shapes tell stories, and craftsmanship speaks volumes. Thank you for joining her on this artistic journey, where we celebrate the beauty of mosaic art together.

Pooja Gupta is a mosaic artist based in the vibrant city of Gurgaon. Her journey as a mosaic artist began in 2013, and since then, a passionate mosaic artist whose love for crafting intricate stories through pieces of glass and ceramic knows no bounds. 

With every tile, she brings life to my artistic visions through the harmonious fusion of vitrified tiles and ceramic pieces.

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