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In the heart of city , there exist a hidden realm where art and the nature seamlessly converge. Welcome to Planteries's "Art & Nature in The Metropolis", an exciting week-long celebration of art and greenery in the urban landscape.

We are exhibiting works of nine fascinating artists & crafters working across diverse mediums and themes, and variety of activities to keep you engaged. This festival is a platform for artists and art lovers alike to meet, interact & exchange their ideas for sustainable spaces, where slices of nature breathe life into cityscape.

Meet Our Artists

Step into the enchanting world of Manju Kumar, a testament to the timeless spirit of creativity. With a late but fervent start at 70, she transformed into an artist extraordinaire. Her journey is an embodiment of unwavering dedication and boundless passion, resulting in art that resonates with the soul. Discover the profound story and artistic brilliance of Manju Kumar

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