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Jyoti Singh

Jyoti discovered Enamelling through an ad in the papers and found that metal and hammering and constant interplay of material and fire in the kiln brought out an adventurous side to her creative process that she couldn't find elsewhere.

She is inspired by the vast landscapes of Ladakh, spiritual symbols, the Madonna archetype and abstract forms. The vibrancy of glass on metal is unparalleled and I have scaled up this ancient technique to create wall sculptures. 

She is currently also experimenting with rice husk paperwork and water colour pencil drawings.

 Jyoti started working in clay at the Delhi Blue pottery while still involved in academic work and found that working with this malleable material could be a meditative and quiet process for her. 

She worked and exhibited mainly in terracotta, using burnishing and graffiti techniques, often hand and slab building sculptural pots and platters.

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